Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Pick of the Week! #4

Pick Of The Week #4!


I know i haven't posted in a while but i have had quite 
a lot on my plate recently i.e. College, work and of course
the ever so boring coursework that goes along side my course *sigh*
But tonight i have had sometime to sit down (whilst eating Chewits) and write 
a post, i wanted to start with something that is quite easy just to 
ease my way back into this whole blogging business.

So what a better way to kick things off with the ever so 
lovely Pick of the Week! 
This weeks pick is E.L.F's Makeup Mist & Set!
I have literally been trying to get my hands on this stuff for
SO long, but it wasn't until recently when they had their 50% off
and free shipping (i mean what more do you want)! 
That i FINALLY got it. I have heard such good things
about this stuff and also read the reviews and i felt
like i would really benefit from it as i always feel like my 
makeup just melts off my face during the day and i end up 
looking worse than what i do with no makeup on! 
But i can quite safely say this product helps me a lot with this problem.
I honestly felt before using this product that they didn't work and 
were a bit of a waste of money but for £3.95 i thought WHY NOT!
If it turned out to be rubbish its only £4 i could live with that haha. 
Basically it does what it says on the tin - it sets your makeup 
and keeps it looking good basically all day! When i have those
days where i look really oily and i pack WAY too much powder on
a few sprays of this makes your skin look dewy and fresh!
I absolutely love it and will be purchasing it again soon as i 
do not want them to go out of stock again like last time!

If you want to look at their site and haven't done so yet i'll 
leave the link to their website below - you will not believe
the prices! a-ma-zing! Hope you enjoyed reading this 
Thankyou for reading it!

x x x

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