Saturday, 1 June 2013

Product Empties #1


I haven't sat down and written a blog post in ages
so i thought it was about time i did as 
i do actually really enjoy it.
because i do not buy that much new make-up/skin care
products, i don't ever feel the need to share it unless it
really is good/ really bad. But recently i have found that i am using 
products up quite quickly and i have accumulated quite a few products
that i purchase regularly. There is one product that i wasn't happy
with at all which i will tell you about but
it's taken me months to use up due to absolutely hating it!

Asda Skin System Facial Wipes - £1.00
When it comes to face wipes, I'm not picky at all.
As all i use them for is too quickly clean my skin before
cleansing and toning or if i'm too lazy to cleanse and tone at all.
But i have had wipes in the past that are really dry and feel as if 
it is scratching your skin which i hate, but surprisingly for the price
they are really good and actually feel like they are cleaning my skin.
For £1.00 you cannot really go wrong!

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - £4.19
Anyone who reads a lot of blogs or watches the Beauty Guru's
on Youtube will be no stranger to this product - haha!
I have purchased this product around 6/7 times and they last me 
around 2 months, it does everything you want in a concealer.
The one thing i love about this concealer is that it actually hides 
the blemishes and doesn't stick around the outside of it. It is
probably one of my holy grail beauty products, l-l-love it!

Maybelline Define-A-Lash Mascara - £5.99
This was the first ever mascara i owned, but i switch mascaras
all the time but i really used to love this one. When i found out that it
was discontinued in places such as Boots and Superdrug i nearly died
as it was always my fall back mascara. But then i found it one 
Fragrance Direct for £1.99 and i was so happy, but they have
stopped selling it now again, just my luck, aye!
 but seriously a 10/10 mascara!

NIVEA Pearl and Beauty 48H Deodorant - £1.14
I don't actually buy my deodorants, my mum is kind
enough to buy me one when she buys it for herself.
There isn't really much to say about it really, it left white flakiness 
which wasn't pleasant but the smell was really nice and
it did leave my underarms feeling fresh and smooth.

Tresemme Salon Finish Freeze Hold - £1.79
This is a really good hairspray if you needed to hold your hair
for an evening where you may have curled it but for my daily needs
it wasn't great as it really sticks and holds and you are then unable to
style your hair again after it's in.. and if you're like me and are always changing
your mind after you have styled your hair than this isn't for you.

L'OREAL Matte Morphose 140 Natural Beige - £10.29
Like the mascara this was the first ever foundation i used
and i love it, but because i have been getting more into buffing
foundation into my skin with a brush now im finding it harder and harder
 to use this. It is a souffle foundation which makes it very light and fluffy
so when i try to buff it in it sticks together and literally falls off my face.
I would use this when applying it with my fingers as that is how i first
used it when i was younger. Now i'm edging towards liquid foundations
as i like how it looks on my skin and they're slightly better coverage than 
this foundation.

Garnier Pure Active 2 in 1 Make-Up Remover Gel - £4.99
I bought this in the 3 for 2 deal when i bought a moisturiser and a toner
i didn't intend to pick this up but as it was 3 for 2 i thought i
might try something new. i am really unhappy with this product,
i love Garnier products and this one is surely not one of the best ones.
I done what it says to do on the back of the bottle and rinsed my face thoroughly
but after a minute when your face drys it feels tight and like there is a layer of 
cling film over your face. 
Maybe it is because im not used to gel but seriously didn't enjoy using it,
 It is not as fast acting as my other make up removers 
and takes longer for the make up to come off
 so i do not rate this product very much at all

Hope you enjoyed reading these mini reviews on the products
that i have used up recently and please tell me if you would like a 
full review on a product as i am more than happy to

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