Monday, 1 December 2014

My November Favourites!

My November Favourites!


In my last blog post i briefly explained why i hadn't been on the
blogosphere for a while, and for you who may not have read my 
previous blog post i was celebrating my Auntie's wedding both in the
UK and in the US. 
She got married in Vegas which obviously meant shopping for me, haha.
So one of the days i was in Las Vegas myself and a fellow bridesmaid Laura
 went and done the obligatory day to Caesars Palace and various surrounding areas. Which is where most of my favourites were purchased.

1. Origins Ginzing Moisturiser 50ml - $26.50 (£16.93)

This is a moisturiser i have wanted for some time now but at the £23 price in the UK i felt as though i have other moisturisers to use first before buying this one. But when i went into Sephora and saw that it was $26.50 i couldn't resist. The smell is absolutely gorgeous every time i use it i am tempted to eat it, haha. I apply this AM and PM like it says on the tub and i wake up with soft, silky skin which i LOVE! It does tingle a tiny bit when applied but i actually like that it makes it feel fresher. All in all i am one happy girl after finally getting my mits on this.

Marc Jacobs Hi Shine Nail Lacquer 172 Rita - $18 (£11.50)

I've been wanting to try Marc Jacobs cosmetics for ages and obviously it doesn't  sell in the UK yet so when i saw the counter i literally let out a little squeal, hahah! The whole range looked amazing, like i would buy everything just for the packaging. The staying power of the nail polish without a decent base and top coat is pretty average but once you sort that out its amazing. The colour is amazing for this time of year as its really rich and deep in colour and you only actually need one coat, but i always do 2 for good measure.

Tarte Gifted Amazonian Clay Mascara - $20 (£12.78)

This is something i have seen over and over again on peoples blogs and on youtube videos and i needed to try it, so i picked it up on a whim, not expecting much and i didn't want to use it until my other mascara had run out so despite much temptation i waited and it is really really good, it gives so much volume im not so keen on how it separates my lashes so i now use a mascara before hand and i use the tarte mascara to volumize. I love the packaging, it's so different and another reason why i picked it up.

SUGAR Fresh Lip Treatment - $22.50 (£14.37)

This was on my 'to get' list as i knew when i got home from the US the climate change will make my lips crack and flake like crazy (this is normal for me, haha) and it was on the front stand as i walked into Sephora, they have a small selection of tinted ones but i just wanted the original one as i wasn't too bothered about the colour i just wanted results from it really. I used it on the flight home because that is when i find that my whole face dries up especially my lips and i can honestly say i only had to put it on after the first application time once on an 11 hour flight- which was after i ate. Its staying power is amazing, it done the job of keeping my lips moisturised throughout the flight and has kept them smooth and flake free since this horrible cold weather were having in the UK!

E.L.F Studio Angled Brush - £3.95 

This is the one item i didnt get in the US and I have had this brush for quite a while but when i first got it i didn't have a use for it, but more recently i have been really getting into putting powder on my brows, in an older post you can see that i use Brow Zings by Benefit and it honestly takes me around a year to use the little power section. I used to use the little brush that comes with the set as it was just easier but i now have seen what amazing results come from using an angled brush to apply the powder with. Although i am probably in need of a new one (maybe a better quality one) this one has weaned me off of those complementary mini brushes that come in the set (Thank God!) 

Hope you enjoyed reading this post!


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