Thursday, 24 January 2013

Top 5 Faves!

So this is my first proper blog post, how exciting!
I have picked my top 5 favourites from my makeup collection 
and basically i'm going tell you all why i like them so very much!

1. Urban Decay NAKED Palette - £36.00
I got this palette for Christmas and no word of a lie, i have used it 
everyday without fail! The colours are so pigmented and shimmery
 that they just make your eyes look A-mazing. 
When i'm just casually going out or going to college
 i'll just whack  one colour on my eyelid and it still looks great
 i have not been too experimental with the palette yet 
but i cannot wait until i learn how to do smokey eyes! Eeep! 

2. Real Techniques Core Collection Set - £21.99
I got this set of make-up brushes on my birthday which was last week, and since 
then used them every time i apply my makeup. I never really used to use brushes
to apply foundation and concealer but now after using them i couldn't think
of not using them to apply my make-up. My favourite brush out of the set
would have to be the buffing brush as it is so easy to use and
 just leaves such a flawless finish and they are SO soft!

3. Urban Decay Eye-shadow Primer - Full Size £14.50
I got this in the NAKED palette set and it is so so good, it generally helps the 
eye shadow stay on your eyelid all day without creasing or coming off. 
When i first read about before receiving it i didn't think it would
actually be as good as it is! I use it every time i apply my
 eye shadow which is basically every day.
Definitely going to be purchasing the big tube one i run out of this one!

4. MAC Lipstick in Plumful - £14.00
I bought this lipstick in the summer when i was meant to be college shopping, Oops!
since then it has lasted me quite well, when i first got it i was
wearing it literally everyday because i had a tan and now I still love it but i'm finding
that because I've got rather pale as i haven't been on holiday since December 2011,
 it still looks fantastic with paler skin but i'm not really loving it with 
the chapped lips either to be honest, haha! Other than that it is my favourite lippy

5. MAC In Extreme Dimension Lash Mascara - £18.00
I got this mascara for my birthday and no word of a lie, THE best
mascara i have ever owned. It takes just one swipe through your eyelashes and they 
have already doubled in size. I have naturally long eyelashes anyway but this
mascara has made them look possibly the best they have ever looked. I'm literally 
recommending it to anyone who mentions eyelashes in general, haha! 
Its not too expensive as well as you want to take into consideration
how much high street brands cost, you might as well spend that little
 amount more and get better results!

After using the MAC mascara this morning 

Hope you enjoyed reading about my favourites!

x x x 

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

I'm Officially a Blogger!

So this is my first official blog post, I've had this blog for a while now but have been
unsure whether or not to start it up 'officially'. I do read other bloggers more so
the beauty bloggers who write really good posts and i think it will be really
fun to give it ago aswell. 
On this blog i am planning to write about most of the things i do/buy. I find
looking and reading beauty bloggers reviews and recommedations
 on different products so helpful and fun to read that i might also do some
 on products i purchase myself. I am also going to post about how i feel
towards different things whether its positive or negative.
So, on that note i will love you and leave you
x x x