Wednesday, 23 January 2013

I'm Officially a Blogger!

So this is my first official blog post, I've had this blog for a while now but have been
unsure whether or not to start it up 'officially'. I do read other bloggers more so
the beauty bloggers who write really good posts and i think it will be really
fun to give it ago aswell. 
On this blog i am planning to write about most of the things i do/buy. I find
looking and reading beauty bloggers reviews and recommedations
 on different products so helpful and fun to read that i might also do some
 on products i purchase myself. I am also going to post about how i feel
towards different things whether its positive or negative.
So, on that note i will love you and leave you
x x x 


  1. Im looking forward to seeing your blog grow. I have just started mine and it can be pretty daunting! xx

  2. Aw thankyou:) whats your URL? i'll follow you!:)xx

  3. Welcome to the blogging community hun :) Have just started following you. Check out my blog if you get a chance and if you like what you read I would really appreciate a follow back xx