Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Pick Of The Week #3

So i haven't done a pick of the week in so 
long, so i thought it was about time i did
one and get back on track with it!
So here is my pick of the week...

Benefits brow zings in Light - £22.50

I bought this around January time and as you can tell
i have made the tiniest dent in it, at first i used both
the wax and the powder, after that i was only using the wax, 
now im only using the powder and I am really enjoying
what the outcome looks like when i apply the powder.
When the lady applied the kit on my face at the counter she
used the shade 'Medium' but proceeded to give me light
by accident but by the time i noticed i had already used it. So 
this is why on the Con's i say about it being gingery because it
it a bit light for the colour of my eye brows.


= Lasts all day
= Gives a natural look 
= Compact and easy to carry around
= Both brushes are easy to use
=Tweezers are brill


= Bit gingery for my shade
= The wax can give an unnatural look

That is all the Pro's and Con's i could think of so as you 
can tell there is more Pro's than Con's and  
it is a really easy to use brow kit,
i do highly recommend it

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