Saturday, 23 March 2013

Little Shopping Haul

Yesterday i went on a little shopping trip
with my best buddy Charlotte (you
 to the new retail park in Milton Keynes,
 which consists of the first Primark in MK - which is so exciting!
Usually if i fancy a trip to Primark i have to 
travel to Watford or London which is quit a way.
I brought a few little bits in H&M and Primark
which i'm really happy with, yay!

So first we went into H&M as i had seen 
a really nice leather jacket online that i 
really wanted, i was scanning the rails to 
try and find it but i couldn't L
It wasn't until i went to try on a tee
that i saw it, i was literally so happy
and whats even better is that it looked 
even better in person than it did online.
I fell in love with it!

(H&M £29.99)

The photo doesn't do it justice but believe
me, its so nice. And what makes it 
even better is that it was only £29.99
which is unbelievable! Favourite buy of the day!
I also bought a khaki tee to wear with the 
leather jacket so i had bought a little 
outfit for Chris Ramsey on the 30th!

(H&M £12.99)
Its really creased as it was shoved in the bag 
but i really love it! Like anything
it doesn't do it justice as everything looks
better on than it does on a hanger, haha!
That's all i got from H&M!

So then we popped into Primark
where i got little bits and bobs 
to try out!

Neon Nail Polish - £2.00
 Charlotte (who i was with) said that she'd
read some reviews on another blog
which said Primark polishes were promisingly good
so i bought some that i would usually go for, neon.
I painted my nails with them last night which i'll put a picture of 
at the bottom of the post, and they were actually really good
you do have to apply about 3 coats but they really
are neon, haha! The only down side is that they 
took ages to dry which lead to some smudging L

Les Karites Hair Mask - £1.50
When i saw this i was a bit skeptical
on whether this would either work really well or make
 my hair fall out because i don't really know where it's 
come from and for the price obviously isn't good quality
 but i got it to test it out and keep a look out for a review 
as i'm hoping to use it soon! 

Natural Look Eyelashes - £1.00
I bought these simply to test them out,
i don't really wear fake eye lashes but i
thought i could experiment with these
ones as they are only a pound each.
If someone was to buy these i would recommend
buying your own eyelash glue as this Primark one
is so crap, its all gloppy and is so dry, 
 just a quick tip for all of you!

Gold Long Heart Necklace - £2.00
As i have an unhealthy obsession with gold
jewelry i needed to buy this as soon as i saw it
that is all really, haha!

Set Of 5 Ankle Socks - £2.50
You can never have enough ankle socks as
mine always go missing in the wash, and for 
£2.50 you cant really go wrong, especially with
a cute floral print on them! 

Black Vest Top - £2.00
Nothing to really say except i get a new vest top
every time i go to Primark as they are so cheap and 

2 Pairs of Knickers - £1.70
Again, i feel like you can never have enough
knick knocks and i love Primark's ones, there are so many
to choose from and i love the lacy bits!

(Just to give you an idea of how neon it is)

Thanks for reading this if you did!
Really enjoyed trying out somewhere 
different to shop, if you live near by you
should definitely try it out! 
x x x

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