Wednesday, 12 March 2014

March Wishlist!

March Wishlist!

     1. Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette £37 // 2. YSL Rouge Volupté Shine Lipstick £25 //
                 3. Black Low Top Converse £45 // 
4. Katie Price's Biography £9.99 //
                5. Powder Blue Skater Dress £14.99 // 6. Ted Baker Makeup Bag £29

Well would you look at me, 2nd day in a row i have done a post!
I'm actually really enjoying blogging more now, yippee!
So today's post is going to be my March Wishlist if you hadn't 
already gathered... We're beginning to see more of the spring 
weather in March now so this wish list is based
 around that i.e. pastel colours! 

1. Naked 3 Palette - The reason this is on my wish list is 
that i have both the other palettes and i find that this one is more
 lighter on the eyes with both the neutrals and pink colours 
which will be great for spring.

2. YSL Lipstick - I think the reason why i want this if I'm honest 
is simply the packaging, its absolutely beautiful,
 but i have heard great things about the 
actual lipstick aha!

3. Black Low Top Converse - I'm always wanting new converse 
so this just had to be on here really but i specifically 
want the black ones as i think they are just so versatile
 and would go with absolutely everything!

4. Katie Price Biography - Ever since my bestie has been 
reading it and telling me things from the book i need to get
 my hands on it! I love reading when i have time to, 
although i'm not completely taken to Katie, i do find her 
very down to earth and overall a nice person. I also read an older 
biography by her and it was actually really good!

5. Blue Skater Dress - When i saw this online at New Look
 it just screamed 'Spring' I think it would look really cute for a day 
out to the seaside paired with some casual accessories etc... 
and the crochet collar makes it ideal for the evening too, Bonus!

6. Ted Baker MakeUp Bag - I cannot even begin to
 tell you how long i have wanted one of these and yet
 i still haven't bought one. Although i know this is last season,
 i am not too keen on the newer ones so 
i'll be scouring the internet to find a decently priced one of these!

Thank you for reading!

x x x

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